Devices for Wireless systems / Dispositivi per Sistemi Wireless


    Course objectives

    The course gives the fundamentals for the design of circuits and devices for wireless components, in the newest technologies. The course deals with the techniques for the design of wireless components, even through dedicated software for circuit and antenna simulation. A special focus will be on some emerging technologies : wireless systems for the new standards in the millimiter frequency range, and systems for the wireless power transfer (energy harvesting and RFID). Radar applications will be considered, and in particular the radar for buried object retrieval (Ground Penetrating Radar).


    Course materials


    • Recommended texts: D. M. Pozar, “Microwave Engineering”, Wiley, 2012.


    Program of the course

    Introduction to wireless systems: standards and frequency bands. Standards for mobile communications, wireless LAN, and bluetooth. Emerging standars in the millimeter frequency band for wireless outdoor and indoor links. Applications to wireless power transfer. Standards for radar systems.

    Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC) e Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC). Transmission line theory. Matching of the line: Smith chart; quarter of wavelength matching; single stub matching. Lumped components for microwave circuits: chip components and Surface Mounted Device (SMD).  Integrated circuits in microstrip line: technologies and design formulas for microstrip lines. Microstrip impedances: lumped and distributed impedances. Microwave circuits and scattering matrix. Microstrip components: two ports; there ports and Wilkinson power devider; four ports, directional couples. Antennas to be integrated in MIC. Simulation of microstrip components with electromagnetic software. Microwave circuits in Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW). Design of a SIW waveguide. Dominant mode and cut-off frequency.  Design and simulation of microstrip components through dedicated electromagnetic software.

    Systems for energy harvesting and wireless power transfer. Rectennas for the radio frequency: antenna, matching circuit, and rectifier. The conversion efficiency. Battery-less circuits used in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems.

    Radar systems. Radar equation: localization of the target, and radar cross-section evaluation. Working principle of the pulsed radar, and the system architecture. The Ground Penetrating Radar: antenna and receiver; application to buried object detection.


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