The Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields of “Roma Tre” University of Rome (EMLAB3) was founded with the aim of promoting the scientific research in the field of Electromagnetics in a broad spectrum of theoretical and experimental arguments. The research is thought and developed in a pure way, and in application to both industrial development and public and private Authorities requests.

Typical themes are the study of antennas, and of the free and guided propagation, in the spectral region of microwaves, millimeter and sub-millimeter waves; the study of and design of electronic passive components, the study and propagation of optical beams. Several applications are considered too, for example in biomedics, chemistry, energetics, physics, civil and industrial engineering, telecommunications.

Among the recent and exciting lines of research we can cite that of artificial electromagnetic band-gap (EBG or PBG) materials, also known as photonic crystals. This field is very promising for the possibility of realizing waveguides, filters, cavities, antennas, etc. The EMLAB3 is engaged in the study, design and realization of such components. In particular studies relevant to the realization of high-gain compact antennas, and their application to

Another area of research activity is that relevant to the scattering by dielectric or metallic objects placed in proximity of plane interfaces between different media: a lot of work has been done for solving the two-dimensional case, but interest is present also in the three-dimensional one. This kind of study is very important for defining full-wave reference scenarios for applications to the search, localization and measurement of geometrical and physical parameters of objects embedded inside a stratified medium. This kind of studies shows show applications in several different fields like search of archeological hidden structures, diagnosis of mammal tumors, localization of buried utilities, identification of petroleum basins, unexploded (UXO) objects, etc.

Among the activities with other Authorities a particular significance is played by the interaction with the EUROfusion Consortium in the study of hydrogen plasmas applied to the development of future machines for the production of energy by means of nuclear fusion. Such machines, when completely developed, will have a very reduced impact on the environment, with respect to the present fission reactors. Studies are push forward by European Union, together with USA, China, Japan, etc. The next experimental machine, named International Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER) is in course of realization in the south of France. The work of our laboratory is mainly focused in the production of exotic microwave components and beams, able to realize proper heating and current drive effects on the plasma column.

For what pertains to social activities it is important the theme of interaction of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields with people, and animals. The laboratory plays a role in the protection of health, by using studies, numerical codes, and measurements, and the law prescriptions on the subject.